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Frankie J - Take A Chance On Me

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Jaguar stunned with 780 PS electric sports

Paris (France), 4 October 2010 - At the first press day of the Paris Motor Show (public days from 2 to 17 October), immediately formed a journalists grape, as the Jaguar stand unveiled a fancy sports car study. As a reference to 75 years Jaguar design, the study C-X75 convey an impression of how the cars of the British tradition mark can be in the future.

Turbines as a range Enver Longer
Interestingly, however, the Drive: The super sports car is an electric car is to extend the range - much like the Opel Ampera. The batteries can be recharged at a standard household outlet. The electric range is 110 kilometers. As Enver Longer range does not work like the Ampera an internal combustion engine, but two small gas turbines are used to recharge the lithium-ion batteries. Thus, the range goes up to 900 kilometers. Each turbine weighs 35 pounds and makes 95 hp.

780 hp and 330 km / h
Four independent electric motors are helping to advance C-X75 - the result is a four-wheel drive. Each makes the 50-pound motors 195 hp. Together is the 780 hp and 1,600 Newton meters. The super sports car has a top speed of 330 km / h. Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h takes 3.4 seconds. At 300 km to the strong Elektroflunder in 15.7 seconds sprint. A value for the CO2 emissions are 28 grams per kilometer to Jaguar. For comparison, a Smart Fortwo CDI emits 86 grams

Traction advantage thanks to four-wheel
Each wheel is driven by its own electric motor. This has, so Jaguar, the traction and safety advantages of four-wheel drive without the weight disadvantages of a purely mechanical construction. The torque can be in this concept over the entire speed range independently distributed to each wheel. From this it could develop a traction and stability control system that operates continuously and adapt spontaneously to the situation - with benefits for driving and vehicle stability control features.

Seats permanently installed
In the interior, the English go new ways. The inmates take on fixed seats. In return, adjust steering wheel, controls, instruments and pedals to the seat position of the driver. The communication between driver and car is a newly developed human-machine interface with the "Co-Pilot" display in the center console. The main information display located in the instrument cluster, where the ads inform the operating status and the speed of the two gas turbines.

Weight savings with aluminum
Jaguars experience with aluminum goes to the first XK120 back from 1948. The C-X75 are both chassis and bodywork of the lightweight metal. It was carried on Erkennnisse of air and space. Besides the low weight is also good recyclability be an advantage. The dry weight of the future runabout is 1,350 kilograms.

Convertible aerodynamics
The aerodynamic efficiency should increase with demand-driven radiator cooling air slots and opening of the brakes. For more stability and efficiency at higher speeds of travel in the rear corners automatic vertical control panels, are designed to keep the vortices from the rear wheels. To increase the contact pressure of the air flow is directed underneath the vehicle by an active Luftleitprofil a rear diffuser from carbon fiber.

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Frankie J - Take A Chance On Me

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